After graduation  I started working at Edenspiekermann. Working at a company with an excellent design history. Although I left Edenspiekermann in 2014 I recently found these unpublished notes about the things I learned during my time there.  I learned a lot during my time at Edenspiekermann and thought that these notes could still be helpful for designers who are just starting out.

Start solving real problems

Some of the most important things I learned is to start solving real problems. Don’t settle for less, even when it upsets the client, its in their interest in the long run.

What Edenspiekermann makes different from other agencies is that Edenspiekermann solves real problems. Where a lot of agency’s just make pretty websites or apps without actually solving the real problem. Which more often than not are deep rooted in organisations. Most of the time it is not about designing a product, but it's about designing a mentality. Where the product is just a manifestation.

This means that as a designer you should work within and above office politics of other companies. Which is hard.

Create high expectations, surpass them

A lot of so called time management guru’s will tell you under promise over deliver. I see one major problem. If you always under promise you will never, really, over deliver and become significant better.

At one point somewhere early last year, I’ve was asked to manage, design, and coordinate a client. Which wasn’t an easy client to begin with and with a somewhat tense relationship.

I mean if you plan on under promise and then deliver more then promised you’re not really over delivering. You just set a low bar for yourself and your surroundings. Instead try to promise the things you think you cannot achieve, learn to dream, and achieve those dreams. And when you almost fail at what you promised ask for help. Most of the time it will work. And if not, ask other people to help and you will deliver I guarantee it.