Eindhoven365 now has a new platform that enables them to achieve their goals for content personalization, marketing automation, and e-commerce.

The challenge

How to go from one-size-fits all to a personalized content platform.

My Role

As a member of the team, my role involved translating insights from Eindhoven365's target groups into customer journeys and interaction solutions for the platform. This included analyzing user behavior and needs, identifying pain points and opportunities, and creating user-centered solutions

Defining the UX-strategie

During multiple co-working sessions, our team worked to map out the objectives and target groups of the Eindhoven365 platform. We analyzed the customer journeys, the competition, and the pain points of the existing website. From this analysis, we identified specific tasks and jobs to be done that were specific to each target group.

We discovered that thisiseindhoven.com serves as the first touchpoint for the target audience after they are targeted through social media ads or through organic search from search engines. An important role of the platform is to guide users to their next step on their journey to Eindhoven.

This means different things for different target groups;

  • City Explorer, the tourist, this can mean we guide them to Restaurants, hotels or things to do in Eindhoven.
  • Bright talent, the student, help them find the different universities in eindhoven or let them discover the student life of Eindhoven.
  • Expat, Help them to know what oppertunities there are in Eindhoven for them selfs and their family, explore the dutch culture and how family life can be.

However, our analysis also revealed areas for improvement. For instance, the content strategy may need to be refined to better tailor the content to meet the needs of each target group. Additionally, our team worked to refine the user journeys to better meet the needs of the target groups.

To address these concerns, we created an information architecture and an interaction model, and developed detailed wireframes for the expat target group. Through the process of wireframing and interaction design, we sought to refine the experience for the user, making it easier for them to find the information they need and to better guide them towards their next step in their journey.


Personalized pages that are tailored to previous messages.


Theme pages for questions of the target audience.


Awnser questions on what it means to live in Eindhoven City.

Creating visual Design

For the visual identity and branding of the site, we collaborated with graphic agency George&Harrison, whereby our expertise strengthened each other nicely. The content now connects seamlessly to the target groups and is easy to find due to the improved structure. This makes the website much more user-friendly and visually appealing on both desktop and mobile.


Translating visual design to reusable components for prototyping and development


The result

We compared Thisiseindhoven.com's performance in November 2021 to the same month in the previous year, and the results were remarkable. Visitors now view 55% more pages per session, which shows that they are finding the website more engaging and informative. The average session duration has increased by 20%, indicating that users are spending more time exploring the site. Additionally, the bounce rate has decreased by 58%, which means that more users are staying on the site instead of leaving after viewing only one page.

One of the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the website is clicks to external partner websites, and we're thrilled to report a 112% increase in this metric compared to the previous year. This shows that Thisiseindhoven.com is not only serving its primary purpose of guiding visitors to the city of Eindhoven, but it is also creating value for partners and stakeholders.

While these results are impressive, we will continue to monitor the website's performance to ensure it remains effective in meeting the needs of its users and partners over time.


Kentico Site of the Year 2021 – Tourism & Entertainment

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