The aim is to improve the complete passenger journey to become Europe’s preferred airport

The challenge

How to improve the pessanger journey to create higher pessenger satisfaction.

My Role

I did customer research by doing interviews and usability testing in the terminal with passengers waiting on their plane. I helped translate these findings in UX-concepts.

Strengthen Suzuki's proposition

Suzuki is not the most expensive car brand, but it does deliver a lot of value for money. Our starting point for the redesign was therefore to avoid a cheap appearance and to enhance the experience. So that it better matches the expectations of the dealers, of Suzuki and of the Suzuki drivers.

Before and after of the redesign

An additional challenge: everything had to fit within the new house style. Also the parts for which there was no design yet. That required a completely different way of thinking. You don't start with a minimum viable product, like when you design a completely new functionality.

“The engagement is better, the site offers a consistent brand experience and the new menu is more user-friendly. You notice that everything is well put together.”

Mark den Teuling, Product Owner

Buying your car online

To ensure that sales opportunities were not missed, Suzuki decided to strengthen its digital presence. At a time when more and more cars are sold via the internet and a growing number of private individuals are considering a private lease car, Suzuki asked us to design a new sales funnel for buying a private lease Suzuki. Lab Digital created the checkout tool with my art direction.


Schemetic representation of the campaign funnel

The private lease funnel


Overview page. Here we show the cars that are available for lease and what the benefits of private lease with Suzuki are.


Campaign page focused on two cars that are available in Private Lease


Car model page where we show the customer the ins and outs of the car.

The result

With the introduction of the new private lease funnel, the number of completed contact forms has doubled and the number of private lease contracts concluded online has grown by 265%!

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