Do you have that one question as a proffesional buyer or do you need help? Nevi helps you with their community, knowledge and education and courses.

The challenge

How do you bring forward the knowledge that Nevi possesses and provide added value for your members, but at the same time ensure that users who are not yet members can experience the added value of Nevi.

My Role

I was leading sessions to get to the core of the challenge. This resulted in concept development and designing the interaction and design concept.

Spreading knowledge of Nevi to the world

To demonstrate the value of Nevi membership and that it is more than a discount on education, we have chosen to pull valuable articles from Nevi's Knowledge Lab, which is only extensively accessible to Nevi members, to the public website. For example, Nevi now chooses a number of articles per purchasing theme which are freely accessible to non-members who visit the website.

This allows us to show information and knowledge that Nevi has in-house and what Nevi helps members with. In addition to the free articles that Nevi offers, it is possible for members to share articles on their socials. These shared articles are accessible to everyone, allowing us to create a wider reach from Nevi to their target audience.


Landing pages of Purchasing themes for the target group

To get users to the information they need we used landing pages with themes that the targed group is intrested in. This results in an easy to navigate platform where users can explore and learn about different buyer themes.

Training and content more transparent and clear

To give the user a better idea of the content of the courses I invested a lot of time in designing the course landing and detail pages. We conducted research in what the customer finds the most important information and made sure this information is clear and consise.


The Result

Thanks to the new checkout and product pages, the dropout rate dropped significantly and a larger percentage of visitors converted. Users find what they are looking for faster. As a result, telephone contact becomes more substantive in nature and the quality of customer contact increases. Better measurement of customer behavior also means more control over the management of the website and customer profiles.

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