21 March 2023

Creating an Effective Roadmap: Balancing Short-term Wins and Long-term Goals

When you travel, you usually have a destination in mind, but what if you didn't? Imagine setting out on a journey without a plan or itinerary. Any route, any destination, any airplane will do. For some, this might be an exciting prospect, but for many, the idea of traveling without a clear plan can be daunting. The result can be an unforgettable adventure, but the risk of disappointment is also very high. In the same way, creating a product roadmap without a clear plan can lead to missed opportunities, wasted resources, and unhappy stakeholders.

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20 December 2021

How Apple’s email privacy update will change email marketing

Apple changed the way the mail-app handles received mails. It becomes impossible for advertisers to see if emails are opened. This means a change in how you should use email marketing in the future.

A number of new privacy features where introduced in iOS15, which launched last September.

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20 December 2021

Things I learned at my first design gig at Edenspiekermann

After graduation  I started working at Edenspiekermann. Working at a company with an excellent design history. Although I left Edenspiekermann in 2014 I recently found these unpublished notes about the things I learned during my time there.  I learned a lot during my time at Edenspiekermann and thought that these notes could still be helpful for designers who are just starting out.

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15 December 2021

The importance of “onboarding”

This is the second part in a series about personalized experiences. In the first article, I gave a brief introduction of the topic. This time, I’ll explain more in detail about how to “onboard” users in an online environment and why it matters to your organisation.

Originally published on the Edenspiekermann website

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14 December 2021

Personalized experiences

Today’s customers have higher expectations of brands than ever before. A good understanding of the customer’s needs is necessary to reach these expectations. But how can you gain an understanding of their needs when you are dealing with a highly divers group of people through a medium where you can’t speak to them physically?

This post was originally published on the Edenspiekermann website on 10th of July 2014

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